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DJI INSPIRE 2 ET X7 en plein vole en bord de mer sous l'oeil de notre pilote


Our talents at the service of image

In addition to providing you with the latest technological innovations in drone and camera equipment, we also place great emphasis on the quality of our shooting services. 

We've optimized our teams to offer you much more than just establishing shots. Our aim is to use the drone in a fictional environment, as a genuine cinematographic tool at the service of the director.


The possibilities of this new technology are often under-exploited, and we strive to offer you the best of what we can do in this field, our experience being focused on fiction and advertising since the beginning of our activity.


Photo de Frédéric Moura, cadreur spécialisé chez DroneCast

Frédéric MOURA

Video editor, he started out in the drone business in 2011 as a pilot, then quickly found his place in framing. Thanks to his editing experience, he brings added value to fiction and advertising shoots.

Photo de Walter Romand, pilote de drone chez DroneCast


Drone pilot since 2011, he started out designing and manufacturing drones.

He has developed a particular expertise

in piloting drones for fictional movies and series shooting.

Photo de Pierre Bruley. Pilote de drone chez DroneCast.


He started drone flying in 2010 to film extreme sports. He discovered FPV in 2015, and with a passion for shooting, he developed his sense of framing and piloting to serve the image

Photo de Alex Bouton. Pilote de drone chez DroneCast


Our newcomer to the team, a former ULM pilot, he's been passionate about everything that flies since he was a child. He naturally turned to the drone in 2018 to combine his 2 passions: images and aviation.  He brings his fresh, young outlook to the service of images.

Photo de Lucien Duris, cadreur spécialisé drone

Lucien DURIS

Native DOP from Nice he spent many years as a helicopter cameraman before taking the plunge into drone photography. A real stick freak, he'll know how to sublimate your images ! 

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